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What To Do About Chlorine Smell / Taste In Drinking Water?

When you turn on your tap, does your water smell and taste like chlorine? If your water comes from a municipal water source, then it most likely does. Municipalities use chlorine as a disinfectant and to keep water safe from bacteria as it travels through pipes to your home. Chlorine plays an important role in protecting your water from contamination, but once chlorinated water arrives at your home it can cause some problems.  

What are the Negative Effects of Chlorine in Water?

In addition to the unpleasant taste and odour chlorine leaves on your water, it also strips your body of natural oils, which dries out your skin and hair. More importantly, Chlorine, Chloramine and by-products, such as THMs and Chloroform, can be quite hazardous to your health. Trihalomethanes (THMs) are the result of a reaction between the chlorine and naturally occurring organic matter in the water. Exposure to THMs has been linked to cancer and non-cancer risks which may increase during showering or bathing when warmer water is used.

What Can be Done About Chlorine in My Water? 

Water Depot carries a line of water treatment products that reduce chlorine, chloramines and their by-products, including THMs. Our Chloramax Whole Home Systems reduce these harmful chemicals, without using salt, while maintaining the natural minerals found in water. If you are dealing with chlorinated water that also has a high level of hardness minerals, Water Depot’s Chloramax Twin System combines the superior softening of our Platinum Water Softener with the chemical reduction power of the Chloramax.   

For use in municipal applications the Chloramax Whole Home System removes or reduces:

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • THMs
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides 
  • Taste & Odour

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