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Does Your Water Stink?

If you have a rotten egg smell in your sink, it may be that there are high levels of sulphur in your ground water. A lack of oxygen can cause sulphur to create Hydrogen Sulphide gas, which causes that rotten egg smell and taste. That foul smell can sometimes become so strong that your laundry will actually take on the scent permanently.

Science shows that there are no ill effects from drinking water high in Hydrogen Sulphide, but the smell and taste are very unappealing. Also, high Hydrogen Sulphide levels can adversely affect your plumbing and fixtures, causing staining on your sinks, tubs and showers.

What Can Be Done About That Bad Smell In My Water?

Water Depot offers a range of filtration products that reduce the chemicals that cause your water to smell and taste unpleasant.

The Iron Slayer uses air injection technology to reduce Hydrogen Sulphide from your family’s drinking water, without the addition of any chemicals.

The Iron Blaster uses a specialized filter media and an Ozone Generator to reduce the level of Hydrogen Sulphide from your home’s water.

All of our Iron-reducing filtration  products are septic bed safe and provide your family with clear, fresh water without the addition of chemicals.

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