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How to Deal with Rust Stains in your Sink, Tub and Toilet

Water is a natural solvent, absorbing a little bit of everything it comes in contact with, sometimes resulting in unpleasant odours, taste and colour. If there are high levels of clear iron in your water, you may not notice at first, but over time you will see rust stains in your sink, tub and toilet. This occurs when the clear iron dries and is exposed to the air. Red iron in your water will be more obvious, as the water coming out of your tap will be brown and your water will taste metallic.

In addition to the unpleasant look and taste iron has on your water, both clear and red iron can build-up inside your pipes and fixtures, causing clogs. Also, certain bacteria feed off the iron and create a smelly slime inside toilet tanks and water heaters.

What Can be Done About Rusty Water in Your Home?

Water Depot offers a range of filtration products that reduce chemicals, iron, sediment, rust, stains, odour, bad tastes, cloudiness and more – resulting in cleaner water, that won’t stain your fixtures.

The Iron Slayer uses air injection technology to reduce both Clear and Red Iron from your family’s drinking water, without the addition of any chemicals.

The Iron Blaster uses a specialized filter media and an Ozone Generator to reduce rusty coloured water from your home.

All of our Iron-reducing filtration products are septic bed safe and provide your family with clear, fresh water without the addition of chemicals.

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