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Looking for Advice on Removing the Iron from Your Water? Meet Your Local Water Treatment Expert.

Water is a natural solvent, absorbing a little bit of everything it touches, which sometimes results in unpleasant colour, taste, and odours. If there is iron or hydrogen sulfide in your water, well, or pipes you might notice some of these undesirable effects in the water that comes from your taps.


Red Water (Ferric) Iron is a common element found in water sources in certain areas of Ontario. If your water has high levels of red water iron, the water coming out of your tap may be a rusty brown colour and your water might have a metallic taste.

Clear Water Iron is not visible but, over time, as the iron is exposed to air and starts to oxidize, you will start to see pink stains on your bathroom fixtures.

Both forms of iron can build up inside your pipes and fixtures, causing clogs. Rust stains may even start to accumulate on your appliances and laundry.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Water that is high in iron often also contains hydrogen sulfide. This colourless gas is most often associated with a rotten egg smell which, while not generally dangerous in lower levels, is certainly unpleasant for drinking or bathing.

Water Treatment Equipment for Reducing Iron

Water Depot offers several iron reducing filters that safely and effectively reduce iron and hydrogen sulfide levels, without the addition of chemicals.

Water Depot’s Iron Slayer uses air injection technology to reduce iron and hydrogen sulfide odour from your family’s water. This is an effective system for rural water applications.

Water Depot’s Iron Blaster offers reduction of rusty coloured water, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from your water by way of specialized filter media and an ozone generator.

Meet Your Local Water Depot Water Treatment Experts

Water Depot is proud to have 36 franchise stores located throughout Ontario. If you are looking for water treatment solutions, including iron reduction, contact one of our water treatment experts in your area.

Sault Ste Marie

Huckson’s Water Depot has been in business, servicing Sault Ste Marie and the surrounding areas for over 13 years.

Owen Sound

Josh Boggie’s goal is to provide safe drinking water to Owen Sound, Collingwood, Meaford, Kincardine, Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory and everywhere in between.

Parry Sound

For over 20 years Craig Stevenson has been providing clean and clear water to Parry Sound and the surrounding area.

Water Depot

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