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Why Winterizing Your Water Treatment Equipment is Important Before Travelling.

Heading south for the winter? Don’t forget to winterize your water treatment equipment

For snowbirds heading south for the winter, the allure of the sun and warmer weather is undeniable. However, before leaving, it is important to make sure that your home is ready to face the winter unattended, and your water treatment products should not be overlooked.

Along with shutting off your main water supply, water treatment products should be maintained and winterized to ensure they are ready for you when you return.

Water Softeners need to be disconnected and the brine tank drained. To do this you can force the unit to start a regeneration cycle, then shut off your water before the final brine tank refill cycle.

In this same manner, water filtration devices should be drained and left empty in case of freezing.

The storage tank of your Reverse Osmosis system is used to hold purified water. This water should not sit stagnant over the winter months. Draining the storage tank is a vital step in ensuring you will have clean, clear drinking water when you return home. This is also a great time to check the dates on your filters and make sure you are prepared to change them when the time comes.

Your local Water Depot offers Preventative Maintenance Packages. We will come to your home to ensure that your water treatment equipment is properly maintained and winterized, ensuring you will have clean, fresh water for years to come. Avoid the headache and schedule an appointment with a water treatment expert to take care of this necessary task.

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