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Benefits of a Water Softener

Itchy skin and dry hair are just a couple of the problems that can be solved with the introduction of a water softener into your home. Did you also know that a water softener can save you money on everything from cleaning products to clothing? Here’s a look at some of the ways a water softener can benefit your home and family.


Hard water leaves mineral build-up on bathroom fixtures and sinks making cleaning more difficult. A water softener dramatically reduces these hardness minerals, so not only is there no residue, but soaps and detergents are more effective in softened water. With more effective cleaning products you will need to use less to achieve the same effect. The average annual savings on soap and shampoo are 50%.


Hardness minerals build up on hot water heaters which decreases their efficiency, causing them to use more energy. The scale builds up on the heating element which lengthens the amount of time and electricity required to heat the water, increasing your utility bill. A water softener will reduce these hardness minerals resulting in a 30% average hot water savings.


When hard water runs through your appliances, like coffee makers, washing machines and dishwashers, hardness mineral deposits affect the way they work. By installing a water softener you put less stress on your small and large appliances, resulting in fewer repairs and extending their lives.


Mineral build-up inside pipes and fixtures results in plumbing problems like reduced water flow, clogs and increased stress on pipes and fixtures. Overall hard water can result in less efficient plumbing and more repairs over time.


When doing laundry, soft water is more effective at removing stains and easier on clothing, making them last longer. With a water softener, the average annual savings on clothing and linens is 30%.

Water Depot has a variety of water softeners custom-tailored to your home’s water chemistry and your family’s water demands. Contact your local Water Depot today for a free in-home water test to find out how your family could benefit from a water softener.