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Water Treatment Solutions at the Cottage

The cottage! The place we go to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing summer weekend in nature. However, the more rustic environment also means your water source may not be safe for drinking or cooking.

More often than not, cottage lake water is not safe for drinking as it contains bacteria and disease-carrying microorganisms. If you are using a well as your water source you could have high levels of iron, manganese, copper, or large amounts of organic particles.

Ensuring that your family has safe water for drinking and cooking is most important and depending on your location and water source, you may need different water treatment equipment. Buying and carrying bottled water can be a hassle and the effects of single-use plastic is bad for the environment. Water Depot carries a full range of rural water treatment equipment, taking one more thing off your mind and allowing you to enjoy your summer retreat to the fullest.

Sediment Filtration

Both lake and well water can have large amounts of organic and inorganic material in it, which can block pipes and clog your water treatment products. Placing a sediment filter, ahead of your water treatment system, will catch and contain these materials allowing your system to work more effectively.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

An Ultraviolet system uses UV light to inactivate the microorganisms, without adding any chemicals to your water, drastically improving the quality of your water. Water Depot has a range of Ultraviolet systems in different sizes and flow rates.

Reverse Osmosis

A Reverse Osmosis system uses a series of filters and a Reverse Osmosis membrane to purify your water by reducing harmful chemicals and other contaminants. The system delivers high-quality, purified drinking water that is conveniently stored in a sealed tank for whenever your family needs it.

Iron Filtration

If there are high levels of iron in your water you will see rust stains in your sink, tub and toilet, or the water coming out of your tap could be brown and taste metallic. Our septic bed safe, Iron Slayer uses air injection technology to reduce the iron from your family’s drinking water, without the addition of any chemicals.

Water Softeners

Rural water can contain hardness minerals that can make your other water treatment equipment less effective. A water softener will remove hardness minerals, improving your water quality and making your water treatment equipment, appliances and plumbing more efficient and last longer. Softer water is also better for your skin and hair.

Water Depot

Did you find the information in this article useful? Water Depot are your local water treatment experts, carrying a large selection of water treatment products. Contact us today for your free water test.