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Trap Iron And Sulphur With The Iron Blaster

Does your tap water have a strong odour or a reddish brown tint to it? What about rusty stains on your fixtures? Iron water is a common problem throughout Ontario as is water with a high concentration of sulphur. Though iron water is often reddish in colour, dissolved iron particles may be present in clear water. Many residents and businesses bypass traditional Ontario water systems by installing a water cooler and buying bottled water. Another option is to use the Iron Blaster to trap iron and sulphur.

What’s Wrong with Sulphur and Iron Water?

No one wants to consume foul-smelling or cloudy water. Not only is the thought of drinking contaminated water unpleasant, it tastes terrible and may have adverse health effects. Iron water also causes stains.

Sulphur water smells and tastes awful. Various forms of sulphates are common in Ontario water systems such as sulphate minerals that can cause scale buildup and hydrogen sulphide which is corrosive to metals commonly used in kitchenware including silver, copper, brass, iron, and steel. Some sulphates have a laxative effect on people.

Clearly, if your water contains sulphur or iron, it should undergo some sort of water treatment. Ontario residents can either use a water cooler, water softener, or try the Iron Blaster.

How the Iron Blaster Works

The Iron Blaster removes sulphur and iron from water. It is six times more powerful than traditional chlorine water treatment and roughly 3,000 times faster. The Iron Blaster uses a specific media in conjunction with an ozone generator to remove sulphur and iron from water.

The Iron Blaster is used to remove or reduce the following:

  • Sulphur
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Iron and sulphur-reducing bacteria
  • Foul odours

In addition to removing undesirable contaminants from drinking water, the Iron Blaster also improves taste without requiring the use of chemicals. It is a low maintenance device that is also safe for use with septic systems.

Why Does the Iron Blaster Use Ozone?

Ozone is a natural molecule that occurs naturally. It is oxygen with an extra atom that reacts with other elements. Ozone has the power to sterilize or neutralize water. In water, ozone can disinfect water as well as remove unpleasant odours such as sulphur odours.

The beauty of using ozone as a water treatment is that once it reacts with another molecule, it passes its extra atom to that molecule. This means that the ozone molecule turns into oxygen.

The Iron Blaster water treatment filter effectively removes iron and sulphur from water without chemicals. It is an excellent choice for any water system with foul-smelling sulphur odours or iron water. It is safe for use in septic systems. Its only byproduct is oxygen, making the Iron Blaster a fantastic option for those concerned about their carbon footprint.

While the Iron Blaster does help to reduce bacteria as part of its neutralization process, it should not be considered your primary disinfection source. Iron Blaster is intended to blast iron and sulphur from Ontario drinking water.