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How Often Should My Water Softener Regenerate?

Regeneration is an important process to the functioning of your water softener. A water softener works by passing hard water through a bed of softening resin, which attracts the hardness minerals and removes them from the water. Over time, the resin becomes covered in these minerals and needs to be cleaned – this is when your water softener will need to regenerate.

During regeneration, the water softener is flooded with water from the brine tank. The saltwater cleans the hardness minerals off the resin and flushes them down the drain, leaving the resin clean and ready to soften water again.

Your Water Softeners “Brain”

How does your water softener know when it is time to regenerate? Regeneration is determined by the control valve. The control valve serves as the “brain” of the unit and tells the softener when to start the process. There are 2 types of control valves available, each one having benefits in different situations.

  1. Time-initiated Regeneration: This valve has a clock and calendar and is set to regenerate after a certain number of days, at a time with low water demand. For example, the valve may start the regeneration process every 3 days at 2AM.
  2. Demand Regeneration: This valve keeps track of water usage and after a certain amount of water has passed through the softener, the valve will start the regeneration process. This type of valve is more efficient and beneficial for homes or businesses with fluctuating water demands.

In both cases, your water treatment expert will program your water softener based on your specific water chemistry and your family’s water consumption.

If your water softener is regenerating more often than necessary, this could be costing you in both water usage and salt consumption. If you think your water softener is regenerating too often, contact your local water treatment expert to modify the settings or make any necessary repairs.

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