Our online shop is now open for systems, parts, filters & much more! Click "SHOP" to get started.

Our online shop is now open for systems, parts, filters & much more! Click "SHOP" to get started.

commercial Water Solutions in Kanata

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Due to the size and complexity of the water demand at your commercial property, specialized water treatment equipment is required. At Water Depot Kanata we carry a line of professional grade equipment for all your commercial needs.

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At present, more families, industries and corporations than ever before are questioning the water quality being provided by municipalities, wells, lakes and rivers. Water Depot provides you with specialized water treatment solutions for every situation.


Rural water can be particularly difficult to treat as it can contain bacteria and microorganisms, making it unsafe for drinking. A Water Depot Ultraviolet system uses UV light to inactivate microorganisms, without adding any chemicals, drastically improving the quality of your water. Municipal water, although treated by the municipality, can still be susceptible to many factors that can cause boil water advisories, leaving your family exposed to unsafe drinking water.


Water is a natural solvent, absorbing a little bit of everything it touches, sometimes resulting in unpleasant odours and taste. Water Depot offers a range of filtration products that reduce chemicals, iron, sediment, rust, stains, odour, bad tastes, cloudiness and more – resulting in cleaner water, that won’t stain your fixture.


A Water Depot Reverse Osmosis system uses a series of filters and a reverse osmosis membrane to purify water by reducing harmful chemicals and other contaminants, leaving your family with clean, fresh drinking water. A Reverse Osmosis system delivers high quality, filtered drinking water that is conveniently stored in a sealed tank for whenever your family needs it.


U-Fill drinking water is available in a variety of bottle sizes and package prices, at every Water Depot location. Our water is tested on a daily basis to ensure we are always providing our customers with the highest quality drinking water possible. U-Fill water is available in both Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline water.

Water Softener

Whether it’s for cooking, bathing, cleaning or laundry, your family deserves the cleanest water possible. A Water Depot water softener improves your water quality to make everyday tasks easier. From softer skin to more efficient appliances, a water softener removes hardness and scale from your home’s water to benefit every member of your family and every room in your house.